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Together, for the time being, we have stopped SB 419 and protected existing workers in the oil and gas industry from being displaced. Senate Bill 419 will not be heard in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee today – a huge victory for merit shop contractors and their workers.
Thank you for calling into committees, sharing your personal stories, emailing legislative members, posting on social media, and all of your other efforts. Your actions made a difference.
Thank you!

Stop the displacement of thousands of qualified Central Valley workers

SB 419, authored by Senator Stern (D – Los Angeles), places arbitrary barriers to work on workers in the Oil and Gas industry. Join ABC Central California and ABC California in opposing SB 419.

SB 419 displaces Central Valley workers and they are asking legislators to VOTE NO

Now is the time to protect qualified Central Valley workers – Oppose SB 419

  • SB 419 displaces existing qualified Central Valley workers and disproportionately impacts Central Valley families living in the most disadvantaged region of the state
  • SB 419 imposes arbitrary safety measures on one of the Nation’s safest industries
  • SB 419 will create more job loss for the Central Valley adding to some of the highest unemployment rates in the state. 
  • SB 419 directly impacts the Central Valley that is already reeling from the pandemic and an impending drought.
  • SB 419 impacts experienced workers – many who have clocked thousands of hours of work over several years in their profession.

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SB 419 imposes arbitrary safety measures on one of the Nation’s safest industries

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Protect the livelihood of hard-working Californians and their families

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We need your help. Join us in Opposing SB 419